Macchiato Doppio 101

In an ideal world programming games would be a trivial matter when compared to developing game concept; you would think up a game that you wanted to make, and in a matter of days or weeks you'd have programmed it and would be off playing it with your friends. Unfortuately, we don't live in an ideal world and games involve some of the trickiest, nastiest, most demanding programming around (or at least they can). Since you're reading this you've probably decided that you want to give programming games a try, or perhaps you've already programmed games, or tried and failed, and you want to see if this is any good. In any case you're wondering how this godforsaken mess of classes fits together to make your life easier. In the following chapters I'll be introducing you to the way in which Macchiato Doppio framed games are supposed to fit together and how you can make them behave the way you want them to.

Chaper 1: Framework
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