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What is Macchiato Doppio?

Macchiato Doppio is an attempt to make a game framework in Java for 2D games that is both flexable and powerful. Though there are a handful of projects that already attempt to provide a framework for 2D java games most, if not all, do so by imposing conventions that not all games might want to follow*. Because of this Macchiato Doppio is divided into a series of modules, starting with a framework and through a series of layers building up into full engines. In this way developers can pick and choose those classes that they want to use, modifying the ones that they need in order to achieve their desired results, and be confident that the parts will cooperate with each other.

*: This is an actual problem encountered by the project's creator in another framework; sprite movement could be handled by a wrapper class but the update rate could not be modified in any way.

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How to Use Macchiato Doppio

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Page Update

1/17/06: Homepage for Macchiato Doppio goes up! It's pretty plain at the moment because I'm saving all my effort for coding

1/28/06: Updated How to Use Macciato Doppio pages to include the Control Loop.

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